age quod agis
“You are not your job or school, haircut or t-shirt, your race, religion or creed . You are not even your friends. You, at your most basic, are that strange little spark that makes you different . Don’t ever let anyone blow it out.” - Pete Wentz Instagram: carliistas Twitter: @carliistas ship Jalex


it’s really really hard to find someone who’s ‘fuck yeah’ about being with me

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This is how it has always been with me. Give me something good, I’ll destroy it. Love me, I’ll destroy you. I have never felt deserving of anything in my life.
James Frey, A Million Little Pieces  (via wanduring)

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Thanks, James Franco.

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If i ever see any of you in public, the code is


that way we know we’re from tumblr without revealing anything

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I think that if I could fall asleep next to you every night, I’d never really be sad again.
Midnight thoughts (I already miss you)

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when you and ya bestfriend say something at the exact same time

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